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Shadows of the mind

Shadows of the mind

Be not fearful,

Of the darkness of night –

It is the obscurity

That blankets you

And keeps you safe –

Or, at least until,

The tremors return again

Let the tinnitus in,

And the cicadas sing,

Breathe deeply, yet slowly –

Close your eyes

And let the rhythm of waves

Take you,

To your harbour

Flashbacks will happen,

Nightmares will come

And they will go –

Forever, etched

Within the scars,

That remains behind

To forever remind you –

This is who you are

No, be not afraid

Of the darkness of night,

A place, where the past

Becomes the present

And the present

Becomes the past –

Just know that,

This is your being –

This is your lot in life

Be not scared

Of the darkness of night

But be wary –

Always and forever,

Be wary,

Of the shadows

Of your mind

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