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Your words - Your story

Words-by-WSD offers a range of services from corporate to creative writing.  None of these services are possible without clear objectives and most importantly the messages that are to be delivered.

Principal, Wayne Debernardi, has decades of experience in the corporate and creative fields backed by sound writing qualifications.  However, his philosophy is not one of being an expert in the trade but rather, one of facilitator to assist clients meet their writing and communication needs.

Your words - Your story

Whether it's a short story or your memoir that you want to write for your children or grandchildren but not sure where to start, Wayne will work with you to capture your thoughts, feelings and conceptual objectives to provide a polished and desired outcome.


Have you ever wanted to write your own story but never had the full motivation and even the courage required to do so?  Sometimes, it helps just to have someone to talk to you about your writing project. Words-by-WSD can provide mentorship to get you started and stay with you for the journey as you may require. Have a talk to Words-by-WSD today.  The result is simply that it will be your story to own and tell.

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