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Does elective surgery acceptance need revision.

It is great to know the Victorian Government has acknowledged the push for fairness from the Morrison Government to change the elective code for medical processes to ensure those suffering couples desperate to have a child via IVF.

These are couples that have been through the mill of COVID policy. They are desperate to create our new world of Australians. That may be an exaggeration, but we don’t know that yet, so the exemption makes sense. At the very least, we have people who are enthusiastic to have children and grow a family.

However, what about those on life-suspending requirements. People already promised a kidney transplant but refused, regardless of availability, are forced, into dialysis as replacing a vital organ, is considered as elective surgery. What thought goes into the mental anguish of someone who wants to live, work, and grow his family?

So, what’s elective or imperative? What is the cost of anguish inbetween?

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