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What is love?

Wise people over the eons

And crystal balls that shine,

Composers, tickling the ivories,

Lonely folk drinking wine,

And, even wordsmiths like me

Who are running out of time –

The question that beckons,

For all the world to see,

Is finding out the reason,

Why love, remains a mystery

I have had teachers lecture me

Saying love doesn’t exist;

It’s all just a matter,

Of social conformity

So get your head

Out of the clouds above,

Because we’re here to inform,

There’s no such thing as love

But I refused to listen,

And continued on my journey,

Stopping at places,

I’ve never heard of,

Asking people, I’ve never met –

Please can you tell me,

For I really want to know –

What is love?

Then one lonely day,

I stepped into a tavern

And there before me

Was the answer

I had, so long sought,

I couldn’t believe my luck,

For all my weary searching,

Came to rest that day –

Now, I refute the hypocrites,

The liars and the senseless –

For I found the truth of love,

The very day,

I met you

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