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We can stand on mirrors’ edges

and study each other,

but these are false images.

Not, the true reflections

of our souls

Reflections are not black and white,

they are filled with colour,

just like the colours of your hair;

Your eyes and lips

and yet,

When I look into your eyes

as I do today,

I see fear and sadness;

I cannot reflect your fear,

But I can feel your sadness –

Take my hand and I’ll walk you home

And together we’ll face your fears;

Tears are a mystery,

They can be of sadness as you feel now

Or they can be of happiness

Or even something, caught in your eye

But a smile is a different thing;

It may be a reflection of happier times

Or as simple,

As a reflection of another smile

You have given me both,

Colour and smiles

So if any sadness

Creeps on to this page,

Treat it as a false image

And nothing less

Our true reflections,

Lie in our happiness

And the understanding

That lies within -

Our hearts and minds

Will no doubt differ

Over time,

But hold on to my hand

As I walk you down the street

To face your fears

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