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My son - a song

Where are you, my son?

I called you, my little buddy

When you were so young

I didn’t know back then

My days would be darker

While yours would be bright,

Much brighter than the sun

Where are you, my son?

Now that summer’s here

That you loved so much,

With sand between your toes

And the waves that rocked

And moved us to and fro

Are you still laughing,

With summer in your cheeks?

Do you remember,

The castles we built,

Or are they just

Grains beneath your feet?

Does the warmth of the sun,

Still fill you as it once did,

Or has it become too hard,

Even for you, to speak?

Where are you, my son?

Now that winter’s come,

Are you safe and sound;

That’s all a father

Needs to know

Are you alone,

Or where you should be?

In a lover’s arms with someone

Who cares for you

Where are you, my son?

Now that my life

Comes to a close

Did you ever imagine

That the love for you,

My little buddy,

Would ever die?

Did you ever imagine,

My love for you,

Would ever die?

And if you did,

Read this again,

My little buddy

My love for you,

Will never go away,

And here I am,

Saying goodbye to you,

Perhaps, at last

I’m the Dad

You never knew.

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