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Wayne Debernardi

Leave your legacy behind

Everyone has a story – why not tell yours?
Share your wisdom, experience and passion with your loved ones and future generations.

Whether it is a short story, a collective of anecdotes or a life-long memoir, your words are there to be written.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Some people think about it, never to pursue. Just stop for a minute and imagine seeing your words – your story, become a reality. is here to help. You may need a little mentoring and encouragement, assistance with sequence and structure, or the actual writing and then, editing. 

If you need a ghost-writer, can be your writing partner but the words will always belong to you and the finished product will always, be your story.

Enquire about a no cost, obligation-free half hour consultation with today. 

Want to tell your story?
Do you need a writing partner? offer a range of services to help bring your story to life. Depending on where you are positioned within your writing journey, whether at initial thought and concept stage, to partial or completed manuscript, is can be your writing partner.

  • Mentoring have an idea but not sure where to start? Self-doubt can kill a story quicker than an editor or publisher. Sometimes, you may just want someone to talk through your ideas with.

  • Writing – you have the thoughts and ideas but unsure how to articulate them. Ghost-writing is not as rare as you might think. With ongoing consultation, we will help you create your story that you can own and be proud of.


  • Editing helping you to get the best results from your writing. 

The Letters

By Wayne Debernardi

Des Jamieson, cunning businessman, wealthy empire builder and powerbroker, is dying.

Did he really rise to the top through hard work alone? What secrets are still lurking in the back of a dying man's mind?

Lauren's job looking after patients in the final stage of their lives is challenging, and she is dedicated to helping them pass into the next life peacefully.

She has plenty of problems in her own life, but her new patient Des is stubborn and yet intriguing.

What is really important to him? Is it all just a game or are there complex mysteries that must be solved before the inevitable occurs?

"A very enjoyable read with a twist that I didn’t see coming. Have recommended to my family and friends already!"


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